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What you need to know about geothermal air conditioning service and repair

A geothermal HVAC system is an eco-friendly version of heating and air conditioning system. It is not as common to find this system in home, but it is quite effective in the places where it is installed. The system works by using the constant temperature of the ground below the house to regulate the temperature of your house. Here is what you need to know about the unit and all aspects of geothermal air conditioning service and repair.

How it works

Geothermal HVAC makes use of solar energy. Not many people are aware of the fact that the ground absorbs about 48 percent of the sun’s heat. This absorbed heat raises the below-ground temperatures to around 45 to 70 degrees. The system has a heat exchanger, the part of the unit that absorbs heat from the ground, especially in the cold season and moves it to the system in your home.  When it is hot, the reverse occurs; the system takes the excess heat from your home and transports it through the loop system to the underground. This means that during the day when the air above the ground is hot, the system will help cool things down. On the other hand, at night, when the ground is cool, the heat trapped below the ground heats up the home.

The advantages of using this system

There are many advantages that you get from making use of this system. The first and the most important of these is that it helps you make huge savings in the long term. There is no secret about the fact that you will need a lot of money to get the system installed, however, when the system has been installed, you will not have to pay any energy bills in order to heat or cool your home. The system requires neither electricity nor gas to operate.

The other benefit of using this system is the fact that it is very kind to the environment. You will not need to heat fossil fuels in order to warm or cool your home. It fosters the use of natural resources and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. If you are a fan of green energy solutions, this is your best choice.


You will need the help of experts like to run regular air conditioning service and repair on this geothermal unit. This is however not an everyday occurrence because the system does not have many complications.  As long as you get regular geothermal system repair, it will serve you for a long time. During the installation, we offer seminars and other intensive training services to prepare our customers to handle these systems. This is because these systems are relatively new on the market and operating them needs good training.

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