Air Conditioning Repairs

The Basics of maintenance and air conditioning repairs

The basic function of HVAC systems is heating your house when it is cold and cooling it when it is too hot. These two functions are so easily achieved with the turn of a thermostat that most people forget the importance of checking up on the systems to ensure that they are in the right working condition. To do proper maintenance and air conditioning repairs, you need to understand the basics about the systems.

How HVAC systems work

There are a shockingly large number of people that do not really understand how HVAC systems work. To understand sources of HVAC problems, you need to know how the systems work. A forced air heating and cooling system works by heating the air that comes into the system through the intake valves. This heated air is then pushed through the ducts and distributed throughout the area served by the HVAC system. If for instance you realize that the unit is taking a longer period of time to bring the temperatures to the level set on the thermostat, you will check whether the filters, ducts, intake valves and even the thermostats themselves for faults. When one of our experts has fixed the part of the system that is faulty, the unit should go back to normal function.

Electric versus gas heating

Forced air systems use either electricity or gas. Gas systems have pilot lights that have to be on at all times. Also, the light should be blue at all times. In case the pilot light goes off, or turns into another color, you should look for us because this is an indicator of trouble. When you are using an electric system, it should run as long as there is power supply to the house. If the system does not run, check the breaker to make sure that power hasn’t tripped. If the power is up and the system still does not work, call in one of our experts in air conditioning repairs.

Repair versus replacement

When the same system has been serving you for a while, you will notice a drop in the SEER rating of your unit. Normally, the rating peaks again after the faulty part has been repaired. However, when we do repairs, but the rating is still lower than 10, it means that the system has been compromised and is no longer able to function at full capacity without excessively consuming the energy in your home.

These are a few of the basics you need to know about the working of heating and air conditioning systems. Note that in case you have rare heating systems such as heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and evaporative coolers, getting our expert air conditioning repairs will help fix problems with the systems before they escalate to the level of needing to replace the entire system altogether.

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