Home Heating And Cooling Festus MO

Home heating and cooling Festus MO

There are a few things that are more uncomfortable than enduring a winter in a house whose HVAC is faulty. To prevent this scenario, most people tune up their heating systems around this time of the year. If you haven’t had your systems checked, it is time you did. Here are some tips to improve your winter home heating and cooling Festus MO.

Checking unit efficiency

When buying a HVAC unit, you will notice SEER ratings written on them. The SEER units run from 13 to 23. A unit with a 13 rating is the least efficient, at the point of purchase, while 23 is the most efficient. However, with time and the regular tear and wear, the units start losing their efficiency and the SEER ratings drop. Before you make any decisions on repairs, you should have the SEER of your unit tested. If it falls below 8, you may have to get another unit altogether.

HVAC units and energy bills

Entering into a winter with a faulty HVAC system is like getting committed to paying excessively high electricity bills. What most people do not know is that simple HVAC maintenance activities such as cleaning filters, opening the floor registers and wiping condenser coils can improve the efficiency of your unit by up to 40 percent. When the unit’s efficiency is improved, it will take less time to heat up the rooms to the thermostat set temperatures, thus, less energy will be consumed.

Repairs and zoning

One of the practices that have been ignored; and one that is very effective in dealing with HVAC issues, is zoning. When you apply zoning, different rooms will have different thermostat set temperatures. As a result, there will be little or no unnecessary heat loss in the house. Besides zoning, there are improvements such as window sealing that improve energy efficiency. Note that most of the heat loss that occurs in the home happens through openings such as doors and windows. When these are insulated, you will save a lot on energy bills. When your home is energy efficient, the HVAC units will not overwork and you will not have to deal with constant repairs.

New Generation systems

If you have been using a heating system for more than 25 years, it is probably time to have it replaced with a newer and better model. We as the best home heating and cooling Festus MO experts recommend the state of the art systems that are programmable and can be controlled with smart devices such as phones. Some of these systems are so sophisticated that they are able to recognize the homeowner’s patterns and zone the home accordingly. The installation will greatly improve the efficiency of your entire house’s AC and what is even better is the fact that maintaining these systems is very simple.

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